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Thank you for choosing Kaitlyn Karssen Photography to capture your most treasured memories with your horses. I can’t begin to tell you what an honor it is to work with such amazing horses and riders doing what I love. I pour my heart and soul into my art and photography and promise to give my clients devoted attention. Take a look through my info guide and please contact me with any questions you might have.

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Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is the rider behind the camera of Kaitlyn Karssen Photography. Kaitlyn has over a decade of experience with horses, which she believes gives her an upper hand with equestrian photography. Kaitlyn also has an education in PR from the University of Kentucky and understands many riders needs for good social and web content. When she isn't photographing other beautiful equines, she can be found riding and showing her own horse, Prince.

Kaitlyn Karssen Photography specializes in custom equine photography and is based in Lexington, Kentucky and Wellington, Florida.


+ What does being a private client entail?

Personalized photo coverage of your favorite horse shows, from behind the scenes, warm up, show ring, and everything in-between. Kaitlyn is devoted to capturing all of your important horse show memories in an artistic, unique way. You'll recieve all of your high resolution photos of all of your horses in a private gallery.

+ What horse shows are you available at?

As of now, I am shooting at WEF, Kentucky, Spruce Meadows, and a number of GCT events. Please see my schedule below and if you have interest in private client coverage at other shows, please reach out and I'll see if I can make it happen!

+ Does price change depending on my number of horses?

No! The price is per rider.

+ What if there is ring conflict?

If two of my clients are going at the same time, it will be up to my discretion who to shoot. At WEF I have an assistant to aid with the amount of rings going at one time.

+ Can I request certain photos?

Sure! Say for example your favorite jump is in the ring (we all have them) or your grandma is in town and you want some extra candids, do let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen.

+ What if the weather is bad while I'm showing?

If you're still showing, I'm still shooting. Plus, showing in the rain photos can be so fun!

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Yearly - $15,000

- 30 possible shows, see schedule below

- Special requests possible by availability

- Save over 25% without booking individual shows and packages


WEF + Spruce Meadows - $8,800

- WEF 1-12, Spruce Meadows National, Spruce Meadows Continental, Spruce Meadows Pan American, Spruce Meadows North American

- Save 20% by booking WEF and Spruce Meadows together


WEF + Kentucky - $9,600

- WEF 1-12, Kentucky Spring, Kentucky Spring Classic, Kentucky Summer, Kentucky Summer Classic, Bluegrass Festival, KHJA

- Save 20% by booking WEF and the Kentucky weeks together


WEF - $7,500 /

Half WEF - $4,000

- WEF 1-12 or 6 weeks


Spruce Meadows - $3,500

- Spruce Meadows National, Spruce Meadows Continental, Spruce Meadows Pan American, Spruce Meadows North American


Weekly U.S. - $750

- Single week of show coverage in the U.S.

- See schedule below


Weekly International - $1,000

- Single week of show coverage outside of the U.S. (Canada, Mexico, Europe)

- See schedule below

2020 Tentative Schedule

  • WEF 1-12

  • Deeridge Nations Cup

  • Deeridge World Cup

  • GCT Mexico City

  • GCT Miami Beach

  • Longines New York Masters

  • Kentucky Spring

  • Kentucky Spring Classic

  • Spruce Meadows National

  • Spruce Meadows Continental

  • Spruce Meadows Pan American

  • Spruce Meadows North American

  • Kentucky Summer

  • Kentucky Summer Classic

  • Bluegrass Festival

  • KHJA

  • Kentucky National (TBD)

  • American Gold Cup (TBD)

  • GCT Montreal

  • GCT New York City


Interested in an Equine Portraiture or Equestrian Lifestyle shoot?